Is wall glitching still a thing?

My base was recently raided bit no doors were destroyed. The person responsible cleaned me out good and proper and was just wondering if wall glitches still happen. I do like playing these games but it seems I always lose weeks worth of progress due to exploits and nothing ever really gets done to resolve these issues

Hello @Tils0n, thank you for reaching out!

There has been a fix for an exploit which allowed looting corpses through walls, as stated in previous patch notes:

In order to determine what could occurred, we’ll need more information regarding your bug submission, such as the type of server you’re playing on, whether you’re in a clan, more information regarding your base and so on. Please refer to the thread below:

My exile was ganked, two days ago, while inside a 2x2x1 no window cliff starter pad on pvp. I’ve seen heads and weapon tips pass through walls and doors before the server physics pushes back. I assume the spear-swipe was used. Nothing taken. The event log showed that I was killed by so-and-so.

Of note on pvp is to lock you chests. That wasn’t so intuitive when I went pve to pvp.

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