Is your server unavailable? Use our report tool!



Dear exiles,

Today we’re rolling out a new tool for reporting server issues on our official servers. We’re doing this to streamline the process and make it easier for you to send us reports about when your server is unavailable.

Click here to reach our new Official Servers Report form.

Please note: This is only for the official servers. If you have a problem with a private server you need to contact your server admin.



Downed servers list, please add to it
Can't connect to my official PvP server. CAN connect to other servers, and CAN play single player
Missing 3361 official server, 2 days been down
Official server 2803 down for 10 hours
Official PvP server 1080 is down
We've heard your Cries! NOW HEAR OUR SCREAMS!
Server #1803 down for 8 hours
PS4 Official #3731 PvE down?
Server 1807 is down
Official server #1653 PvP - Not showing up in the launcher list since around ~1PM ET
Official pve server #1930 down for two hours
PS4 PVE Official OC 3950
Official Server Crashes / Lack of Support [1517, 1518, 1941, etc.]
Official Server #1813 PvP - Server Stability Issues Lately!
Server #1311 DOWN AGAIN
Eu #PVE 1051 Up and down
Official server #1800 is down
Official PVE 2501 Server Down
Server #1313 offline
Official Server 2007 EU down?
1516 PVE-C down again
Server #1313 is down/crashed
Server #1580 Down
Official #1653 - Chronic instability / crashing / disconnection since hotfix
Server #1940 Down YET AGAIN, I wonder why?
Xbox Official cluster crashing
1042 Server DOWN! - No one can connect
Server PC conflict 1042 stuck on loading screen
Server PC conflict 1043 stuck on loadingscreen
Glitch and Usebug on server #1207
Official server 1732 crashed
Official servers 1036 1037 1038 1040 1041 etc down again
Server 3199 is DOWN PS4
Server 1011 Needs restart or something its not on list
Server 1999 bug ! loading .. 5 day
Connect help: PVP Server 1581
Serverdown #1059 EU all 10-15min
Server #1053 down 3 times in 45 minutes
Server Gone Missing
Server Issues #1312 official
Official us ps4 pvp server 3561
Server Not Showing Up #3512
Server 3738 down
2878 not coming up on list
What happen to 2878 sever on the xbox one
Server 2878 is Not Found
PS4 serveur 3215 down
Oficial server #3026 EU has disappear again
2960 official server is gone
1127 down______________
Official PVP server 2510 not showing up
Server 3566 gone
Official Server #1650 Pvp - stuggling all evening tonight
Official 1518 Crashed again
Official 1091 PVP crashed