Isle of Men 1.0.0 now live!

Golems and the new Journey System have been adapted ahead of schedule! Blood crystals are pickup harvestable so be on the lookout for them (this was necessary to keep the isle clean of rocknoses). For the remaining time before chapter 3’s release, I will also be adding story notes that can be found around the Isle, telling the tale of Morgan, an unlucky shipwrecked sailor who found himself alone on the Isle. I’m sure I’ll also come up with some more odds and ends to add as well (with more attempts to fix rain indoors of course…).

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Getting a new stylized in game map that is more up to date with the next release:


Sim antes havia este problema mas não existe mais aliás @darthphysicist parabéns por dar a todos um novo mapa conan é muito rico para criações. Espero poder jogar em breve :+1:

A couple of new observations, if you don’t mind:

  • I literally jumpscared when I first noticed the storm in the distance! I did not know what was that, and I was… afraid to go inside.
  • there is a 3 skull wolf boss near the Nordheimer capital. It is tough. If the corrupted wolf wasn’t enough, this is the boss for you. It is veeery swift, can not be stunlocked (only the 2 handed greataxes’ spin attack stunlocks enemies, but that does that even to dragons, I’ve never noticed :open_mouth: ). I don’t know if you are familiar with Borderlands 2, but this wolf reminds me of Vora with its quick attacks. Finally a boss that is not as slow as a snail, and does 1 attack in every minute…
    Red momma? No problem for my drunken veteran! This bad boi? Half HP gone in a minute (with gruel for healing).
  • The seeker (I can’t remember his name) guarding the cave (picture below) whips out his BADASS weapon and puts it away, making it an easy kill. In addition, all manhutners and yoggites (especially the ones who guard the Yoggite temple, that square based thingy, with a big fire in the middle) have a tendency to not using their weapons, and hesitate to come to fight. Take a step, stop. Take a step, stop. I know that is a basegame bug that enemies don’t always use their weapons, but the hesitance is new for me.
  • There is a big fortress in the southern bay which is not shown in the current map, and does not have a name, but it is pretty big to not have its own location name. Is it intended, or not?
  • a new hobby: terrorizing the hobos so hard, they kill each other! In the hobotown (I know this is not its name, but I like this one too) there are a bunch of hobos piled up, and there are several grenadiers around. I run around until everyone chases me, then I stop, turn back, lift my shield, and watch as the grenadiers throw their fire-orbs into the crowd, leaving a meaty mass behind. Heh heh.

And sorry, I forgot to answer - been busy with playing :grin:
So, disabling fog did not help sadly, only a bit.
Bit = before there was 100-15 fps fluctiations, now I have 100-50 and 20-5 :frowning_face:
So it tightened down the amount of framedrops between the min and max, but there are still hiccups. Tried other maps, no problem. Interestingly, the card vents ramp up for ~20 seconds, then calm down for an other ~20ish, and repeat a couple of times during play, so probably a driver issue, but only in this map? Could be, I’ve experienced some weird stuff in this game :laughing: .
But I noticed something: 9 times out of 10, it happens at specific areas, not randomly. I will gather those areas IF I don’t forget it - again!

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I made some streaming distance changes for chapter 3 release that may help.

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I hope I find a doggo until then. And star metal. :laughing:
I reached level 60 yesterday (I basically toned everything down to 0.1x XP gain, expect from combat, that is 0.5X, so that’s why it took longer) and I found my first chunk of black ice right before that.
Star metal? What even is that? Does it come from meteors, like originally, or from nodes, like the eldarium in this map?

Star metal actually falls in two locations. One drops massive amounts in a difficult area, and one drops smaller amounts in a less difficult area. You should see the meteor showers on occasion. They tend to hit where there are craters :wink:

I suspect this is a lag issue. Hopefully my streaming distance changes will help with this for you. I will make sure they are behaving well on my server (I know they have in the past because my players have lost countless thralls there :joy: ).

Mostly fix for rain indoors coming! It will still rain indoors on you at low elevation (like on the coasts) but mostly everywhere else, the rain is blocked by a roof. Will work on it more till Tuesday, but for now, consider it the easy resource penalty…

Time to move out of noob cove!!!

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Rain indoors fixed! For technical reasons, I could not have rain at very low elevations and have rain cancellation, so instead, the beach is now without rain (fine… I guess I’ll throw people a little bone on rain abatement…).

Also with the release of Chapter 3, there is a new QoL feature that is also in perfect step with the Isle of Men, a Bare-back Saddle (had to hyphenate because the forum has a dirty mind).

Ride your horse as one of the island savages would, without that pesky heavy saddle weighing them down. Riding bare-back doesn’t add armor, but it does make your horse faster for getting around the Isle in a bit more of a timely fashion, with less stamina drain to represent the lighter load for your steed. Crafting the “saddle” is easy since it is… well… nothing. It will be part of your basic survival skills accessed from your inventory:

You just craft it, and slap it into the saddle slot.

Now all you have to do is find a horse if you haven’t yet…

Also next week with Chapter 3, I’ve been doing some little housekeeping, like updating the loadscreens (most were from a very early version of the mod while I was still fiddling with stuff). There are also some changes to a very dangerous part of the map to include some of the new golem NPCs for reasons.

Look for the new goodies on Tuesday (standard caveat on Chapter 3 being available).


Can’t wait to try this map out, I’m waiting until the initial fun of the 3rd Sorcery chapter wears off to jump into this.

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As of tonight, it has a name and icon… this was an oversight as the camp that is there now, was on the beach until very close to release (I think even a week after) and they moved in late. They still owe me the first months rent.

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This update will drop with the next chapter?

Is there a way to turn off the custom music?

I prefer to play with just the ambient sounds (no music at all). I can turn the music down in Conan Exiles (settings) but the custom music isn’t reacting to the settings change.

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I found some foals, and I killed them…
Just wrecked the Nordheimer capital (or one of their bigger villages, I can’t remember) with gas orbs, and I found a couple of dead foals. I did not even see them! Now I have to run back and catch one. :laughing:

By the way: is it intended - I guess it is, from the name of the map that suggests you have to be manly enough to survive here - that a lot of enemies attack you at once? Like for example there is a cave in the middle area, in the Crater, and there are 6-8 acheronian fighters standing in a hallway. They are ~10 meters apart from each other, and as I approach the first, I can go as close as ~1 meter. Until then (s)he do not even bother to look at me. But when I approach it, all of the buddies, even the furthest ones gang up on me at the same time. Rough man, rough, I can tell ya… I’ve lost a Teimos there (not a problem, I got one cooking right now, he should be ready in an hour!). :sob: I died there too, because I am level 60, but still rocking with the regular darfari armor, because I did not see a hyena yet (are they even there in this map? :rofl: ).

Oh, and an other thing: while admin teleporting to higher altitudes (more towards the center of the map) the game drops me underwater. Is this an engine/game thing, that the game can teleport you for a fixed maximum elevation, and if you surpass that, it will drop to the ground zero (a.k.a. under the map, into the big water)?

I will look into this. I think I know what’s wrong. I’ll pop this to the top of the heap for fix by chapter 3 start.


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People are crowded for defensive purposes yes. It always bugged me that in threatening environments in the base game, people just spread out and let themselves get picked off.

The teleport thing is somehow the engine… I use all the allowed vertical space so I believe its just the start of physics breakage. Everyone talks about 8x8 km being the max map size (and it is) but there is also a vertical limit, and its not 8. I had to find it by trial and error. The volcano top is just below it, and the beach is just above it.

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I have for sure fixed this today internally for the combat music. Double checking that it applies to ambient soundtrack and some of my custom FX (volcano rumble for one). Unless I say otherwise, you can count on this being fixed for Chapter 3 release.