Isle of Men 1.0.0 now live!

Confirmed all music and sfx working with their respective sliders! Big week for QoL bug fixes… now I can just do odds and ends like lore notes and stuff or anything else that strikes my fancy.


Got another special immersive treat coming with the next patch… a couple actually. Let’s see how much I add by the update… hint: check those beaches.

duh dun… dun dun dun dun dun dun dun duh da DAHHH


Getting ready to go live tomorrow!

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That is if the Chapter 3 update doesn’t break all the custom maps

It shouldnt. Been testing it with the public beta devkit.

Excellent, because we have all the custom maps on our map cluster and we did backups tonight, just in case.

In the case of Isle of Men, I wont push the update till the afternoon because I need to check some last minute stuff to make sure I dont push something in state unknown. Once I confirm all is good, I’ll push it mid afternoon edt after I get home from work.

If all things check out last minute, its good to go right now. I just have some lingering paranoias about stuff I added…

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Update incoming!

I’m not sure why the banners aren’t popping up for harvesting… I don’t touch the HUD. If anyone else either sees harvesting banners popup or not, let me know. Harvesting is working as normal, just no banners… very odd.

Fixed internally. Don’t know how that asset got saved, but it did none-the-less. After I ■■■■ around some more I will push an update as this may be more irritating than another download.

Waterlogged vines got lost in the shuffle… they will come back with the next regularly scheduled patch. Already fixed internally.

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Mod was flipped hidden for some reason on Steam. This is now corrected. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Mildly annoying.


An other thing:
First, I did not update the game and the mods so far, so there is a chance it is fixed, but the green lacertas (the big ones) and the 3 skull giant green lacerta in the forest around the crater can not be harvested. Tool loses durability, but you can hit them infinitely, with no stuff coming out of them.
Plus, since there is a legendary chest near that HUGE creature, I expected a key, but nothing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: .

After reaching level 60, and losing multiple thralls, and dying many many times (and I was finally able to find hyena pelt to make my armor epic), I encountered and succesfully killed the lava dragon. What a beast!

Ps.: you almost got me with the trap inside that dungeon! Almost :wink:

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Was fixed last patch :wink: giants were also busted like that…

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Tomorrow morning, patch will be forthcoming. The return of waterlogged vines and some embellishments on the hurricane (inside the hurricane is darker and there is more flying debris like sticks and leaves and stuff).

I will be traveling for several days next week, so I’m not sure if there will be a patch on the following Saturday. It kinda depends how much I get done this weekend vs just playing.

Been traveling all week. I will take a look at changes that I made last weekend and what I get done friday night but I seriously doubt I will patch this week.

Fyi, I am putting in a new big exile cave attached to Noob cove on the south side (its a pretty sheer cliff so probably no one is building at that spot). I will post a screenie of it this weekend so anyone still slummin in the cove can have a good warning because I didnt put a blocker down (I decided on it spur of the moment…).

I’m trying this map out in a few minutes, can’t wait to see what’s in store for me!

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Here is the outside of the cave that I’m working on… so really, the least hidden thing I could ever possibly include so no reason to keep it’s initial location secret.

Well I’ll be damned… was more productive than I thought I’d be. Should be good to go for a morning patch with a new location!