Isle of Men 1.0.0 now live!

Observed issue independent of my map: if you are having an issue like I have been having per game patch where your harvesting popups don’t show, reverifying game files seems to fix it. I thought it was me and the mod, but among my friends, I was the only one experiencing it and a verify solved it. Just an FYI.

Okay, a little something for those of you who use Amunet’s Server Transfer and don’t want the combat music from Isle of Men on your other servers:

It simply removes the glorious NIN Ghosts combat music. That’s it.

New Yoggite camp “The Foothold” coming Saturday as well as some foliage adds. May be some other flavor upgrades as well.

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Interesting. We run 9 servers that are connected with Amunet’s and haven’t encountered this issue. But Imma Fav that mod just in case. Thanks!


It probably depends on load order or whether you have different lists for different servers (which requires a reload of the game). If you loaded all your maps in one list and IoM was last, the combat music from IoM would be active for all, so this little mod is for people who either dont want that or who just want the normal combat music.

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Ah, got’cha. Yeah, our lists are different so it requires a reload. Takes a bit longer, but it’s worth it for the variety. But anyways, that would explain it :grin:

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Can’t wait to see!
A minor additional information: there will be a LOT of new stuff, since I did not even update the game for the 3. chapter, so this mod is… still on my computer :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Oof. I dont even remember what has been added since release…/

Wow, I thought I had a lot of CE servers with 6. 9, is very impressive :slight_smile:

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Hehe, thanks. Both the wife and I run 4 each, and a friend runs the 9th. We like options and variety. And if Darthphysicist keeps making maps, we’ll probably keep adding them lol

I am not sure I can afford 9. lol

Although the 6th may turn in Isle of Men one day, right now it is EL Event Server for the new EL Age of Sorcery Chapter 3 dungeon that was broken on my server due to 2 mods. This server was an unexpected addition due to that issue.

New goal; break you with maps!

Normally wouldn’t be able to either. But (unfortunately) we have a low population so we can get away with 10 slot servers, 15 on the main, so it not bad.

The year is 2025. Darthphysicist releases his 34th custom map. b3l14l and his with are living on the street with a single laptop, a power bank and smiles on their faces as they play

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queue Kavinsky…

See? That will be like exploring the whole map again! :grin:
IF I won’t be this lazy a$$, I will update and start a new character, so it will feel fresh again.

Oh, and remember when I complained about massive FPS drops? It does not happen in specific areas, but in specific times: exactly at dawn and dusk.

Hopefully it was addressed in one of the updates you missed. Dawn and dusk could mean there is a cubemap setting I could fiddle with… I adjusted the streaming distances since release so that may have mitigated the issue already.

Fiiiine, I update, so I can tell you if it helped. :stuck_out_tongue:

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IoM: Nail Puller getting an update for any streamers worried about the license for Ghosts. Update will replace the world music with stock Conan Exiles audio.

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I have a server running this and no one has been able to find the sorcery. Anyone have a general idea of where it might be? i’ve found the sorceror’s library, but that’s it.

I will give a hint (that happens to be one of the splashscreens). “The Volcano holds great power”