Isle of Rhodes - RP-PVP-C 18+ / 30 slots, relaxed gameplay, responsive admin

30 slot server
Direct Connect IP:

Join us for RP/ERP (if desired), PVP-C (Weekends), and 18+. Single player and COOP player friendly. We are offering a safe place to RP and play CE. We are a helpful and friendly community of experienced and new role players. Your story whether it be based in Conan or Fantasy lore is yours! We encourage everyone to play at their own pace and style. Aside from the mods below, we’ve attempted to keep the game very vanilla. Suggestions for changes are welcome (but may not always be implemented).

Server is paid for 180 days – not going anywhere!

Rules, chat, help in Discord: e22yk8g

Less Building Restrictions
Improved Quality of Life
Conan Sexlies
Unlock Plus (with Pickup)
RP Aesthetics
Kerozards Paragon Leveling (Multigun)
Savage Steel