Isle of Sep stables and animal training bug

Hello I recently rented my own sever for some friends and I. We have come across a bug now that has happened in 2 separate game maps. We build stables and put in the food and a foal and if we leave the screen for a few seconds and come back the foal is gone the food is refunded and in the pets slot there is a piece of Putrid Meat in its place. We found it the first time so I wiped the saves and started over and the same bug is happening again. I spoke with g-portal tech support and they said that it is not on the server end as no setting would contribute to this issue and they said that it was a known bug. We had no problems with it when we played on a different server.

I would ask them to quote their source if it is a known bug :rofl:

Now to your issue, do you use mods? What is your spoil rate set to in gportal’s server panel?

Were using Hosav’s UI Settings and Waystones. I didnt see anything on their pages that speak of this bug.

OH and food spoilage is set to 0 so it wont rot.

Can you set it to anything different than 0? e.g. 0.01

I am not able to reproduce this “known” bug. Technically, your foal should not decay in the stable slot and even if it decays it should not turn into putrid meat but into a horse carcass, so either a mod is loaded without you realizing that it messing up with the stables or you have some very weird configuration of settings that results in this issue.


OK I went back and set the decay rate to 0.01 and now its back to working from the looks of it. Thanks for your assistance it is greatly apprecited.

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