Isle of Siptah Arachnophia

I am thinking of puchasing this new map on console soon. Does it have a lot of spiders or are they confined to small areas I can avoid ? Its obvious with Funcom devs Spider obsession they will never get rid of them entirely.

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There are quite a lot of spiders in IoS. Can you avoid them, probably but for example that would mean not doing 2 out of the 14 vaults, there are quite a few of them around the tower where you would go to farm star metal. You could potentially only farm the inner circle but yeah, I think the spiders on IoS are more common than on EL.

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Stay on the left side of the map. There’s spiders there, but rare. Bottom right is covered in them once you get off the beach.

Hey, 2/3 of my bases in all my playthroughs were there ^^

Yeah, they’re pretty much concentrated around the Vault of Demon Spider I think it’s called. Also a few around the acharonian ruins, but the rest of that side of the island is pretty clear of spiders.

That said, big spiders and the swords and sorcery genre pretty much go hand in hand. You’re pretty much guaranteed to run into them from time to time. That’s not a bad thing and it can help you with your fear if you let it. Not saying playing Conan is gonna make you go get a pet tarantula or anything, but you could go from freaking out to just being creeped out when you see one of those little bastards crawling across the kitchen floor.

We got a member in our clan that is totally aftaid of them even in game, we usually go farm silk for her. And do spider killings. It can be done :slight_smile: and she is having a good experience ces in IoS

Hey, I’m not judging. The spiders in WoW used to stop me from going into certain areas because I couldn’t stand them. But one day I decided enough was enough and realized that they’re just pixels, so what was I afraid of really? So I started forcing myself to go into those areas and eventually they were no longer a problem. Didn’t happen overnight. Started small with hunting a few out in the wild and worked my way up from there.


Good thinking and good strategy.

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