Isle of Siptah - bug - smelting, pressing

I’ve noticed that some smelting requirements, and some pressing results are kinda off. PC, normal client, singleplayer.

Hardened steel requires Black Ice for smelting instead of Brimstone.
Decaying Eldarium does not require anything (it should require the Black Ice acording to the description) for smelting.

When i put more than one piece of animal carcass (2 crocodile carcasses in this case) into the press, the result should be 5 bones, 5 blood and 5 reptile skin (acording to wiki) * number of the carcasses. But the result was 2 bones, 2 blood and 2 reptile skin.

Not a gamebreakers, but i did not find them listed here yet.

Edit: Thank you guys for info about the hardened steel. Beta-times memories, i apparently didn’t noticed some changes after the Frozen North update.

I don’t know about the rest, but Hardened Steel has required Black Ice for quite some time. (It’s the ‘Riddle of Steel’ from the film - the best steel requires fire (steelfire) and ice (black ice).)


Pretty sure Hardened Steel has always been Black Ice to craft. Keep in mind that the Wiki is not updated for Siptah and some things have changed. Stone Consolidant now takes plant fiber instead of twine to make. So it’s possible that like other changes they have made some of the crafting not produce as much so you have to work more to get those items. I know in the Exile Lands I had a chest of nothing but blood. So possible these are intended for the new map.

It hasn’t always required black ice. That started when the frozen north was added to the game. before that, it was just more brimstone.


That change was done well after Frozen North was added (Hotfix of 2019-09-05 to be exact, Frozen North was released on 2017-08-16). Was quite the unpopular change, and am personally still no big fan of it.

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