Isle of Siptah downloads but will not install, Conan exiles loaded from DVD

I downloaded and play Conan exiles from a Blu-ray disc on my PS4. Now I purchased and downloaded Isle of Siptah but it will not install, it says “cannot find the application”. Not sure what to do next.

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Are you using extended drive? (make sure sipath is install in right spot(with Conan exile)

What region is your Disc for Conan? (if you bought PAL version to get full nudity) But are using NA PSN account. They wont match up.
You need to use Euro PSN (etc depending on what base game is)


No extended drive. US version I am pretty sure.

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That’s an odd one there. The DLC should work fine with the physical copy of the game considering they don’t sell physical copies of DLCs. Not sure what to say other than maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling the base game then trying Siptah again if you haven’t tried that already.

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You might consider going back into play store and go through the motions of purchasing again sometimes does not go through also refreshing your licenses that has worked for me on Dlcs before.

Maybe try to see if you can refresh/renew the license for the base game too I had to do that with a physical game one time because it wouldn’t let me play it until I did that and that was after reinstalling it a couple of times.

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