Isle of Siptah Feedback

Hello! I have been a long time player since the early days. Many hours poured into the game, just over 2700 spent on Exiled Lands. I’ll keep this short and to the point after playing on Siptah for about a week and half now (about 60 hours).

-Cool landscapes
-Cool new mobs and monsters
-Maelstrom and surges are a good challenge. I’ve seen people complaining about how they are not too solo friendly, but I have to disagree. You just need to be prepared and patient.
-Maelstrom siege elders are a really nice idea but I feel players need some protection against them like the purge. The purge would only attack if the player or clan members were online. As it is right now, players can essentially be offline wiped by NPCs. Not too fun.
-The center of the map is lacking in interesting activities.
-Lacking in points of interest like villages, towns, etc.
-The map overall is a bit small, especially in comparison to Exiled Lands. I have heard that there will be new land mass development still. That is good news!

Anyway, keep up the good work! My wife, friends and I have been enjoying the experience so far. Siptah being very different from Exiled Lands we find refreshing.

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I think i would agree to each single point, with the addition to say that Exiled Lands had more time to become so expansive in comparison, so we should stay patient.

I would love to have said inactivities based on gameplay with existing elements being slightly expanded like thralls, mounts and furniture and building, as i sketched in some comments here.
Placing thralls everywhere, having some sort of interaction with chairs and so forth, further specify the horse to carry things, allow patrouls, schedules of NPCs (action list, double circle: Morning, noon, evening, night; and then an action on the second level for each time). maybe agriculture. Building ships or other building elements like the missing sandstone gate :). Being able to dig mines. I know there are blueprint mechanics that would allow that, and it could be interesting to generate new levels based on a sandbox system with given elements and events. I should make a separate post :slight_smile: .

I think complete cities with NPCs are both against the lore of the lost secret island and also take too much work; nor are they present in Exiled lands.

I do agree this would be amazing, but such would be a new concept to Conan.

Another suggestion here would be that these beasts run out of the maelstrom at a certain time and attack player bases everyhwere in a known time (maybe make ingame announcements in terms of maelstrom explosions and a notification a week ahead?).

Also, yeah, being killed offline is really not nice. i think it would only be frustrating, because game theory wise people expect that they are rewarded or sanctioned depending on how well they do in a game, and furthermore they want to experience this attack when it happens.


Now that would be super cool!

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