Isle of Siptah offical server question

I have been playing on official 6111, and I am enjoying the new experience so far. Just wondering if the Official servers will be restarted daily like the original ones? Just noticed that 6111 did not restart this morning and noticing the mobs are starting to skip some.

They should lol. Can you check your event log? Is there an entry for server restart?

yeah I checked event log. Just server started yesterday morning. no restart today.

@Ignasi Can you guys check, misconfiguration? The server seems to be missing its daily restart which is causing performance issues.

we got the patch and got a restart from that, but hopefully it is on the daily restart list. Will find out tomorrow :slight_smile:

After the update a few minutes ago, the pings in the 200s, and can not join any server.
Still waiting for a official server that is not full.

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