Isle of Siptah, PS4 error CE-34878-0

While on the Isle of Siptah, heading west within tile L-12 I encounter the error above. I have tried rebooting and also wiped the game completely and reinstalled it but I am able to replicate it always without fail. This only occurs within the Siptah environment as the exiled lands seem to work without issue. Have there been any reliable ways to deal with this?

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Sorry to hear about that.
Is that your local game or at official online servers? Maybe some building is causing you crash always at the same spot.

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My base is far from that spot. Solo offline play. My home is closer to the place where you learn magic. I was my way to the northern most island from the east heading west along tile L-12. PS4 said save was corrupted so I loaded an older save but still ran into the issue. Started a new game on different PS4 account but replicated the error exactly. Deleted the game and reinstalled it but it happened again. Did safe boot up of ps4 and rebuilt the database but every account ran into the same issue. This is the only game giving me this error so far. Since a fresh is install seems likely to reproduce the error I’ll just stay off the game until the next patch or OS update.

My Siptah Friend people have reported areas of Siptah map causing problems perhaps not in your area any time you play offline line you are prone to have more problems

There are plenty of players complaining of issue on Siptah map perhaps making a Zendesk report would be appropriate.

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