Isle of Siptah: Religion System

Hi there,

Today i was thinking how the Religion System on Isle of Siptah worked. Do it still work like in Conan Exiles or did they changed it a bit?

Well, no. It still work like the old System. Yes, only Thralls (unlucky) give the loot we need for the Temples.
So farming the Hotspots where they drop out of the Sky as a new Hobby?

I dunno. I have a strange feeling about this. When someone want Thralls for his Base other just want to kill them for their Religion Temples

I do see the PvP fight for the fittest, but i dunno PvE is not the best solution for me

So is there any plans into modify the Religion System into Isle of Siptah or will is still be untouched?

Fights for the Thralls, not only because of their Craft Jobs, no also as sacrifice for their Gods

p.s. If you want to not touch it, then make at last so that Corpses do no disappear so often, pretty please

Isle of Siptah give me the “You played Conan Exile Lands and grow fat, now play Isle of Siptah for a Diet!” Vibes. all forced into a small flame


If you already have the thralls you want, sacrificing others shouldn’t be a problem. Usually I go to a wild surge with a shopping list and whatever is there that I don’t want gets chopped. You gotta prioritize which is more important to you first

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