Isle of Siptah RP Server: Black Circle

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Black Circle is an Isle of Siptha roleplay server focused on mystery and inter-character story development. In addition to the game lore there is server lore that allows players an added level of immersion as well as providing amenities like open crafting stations and a selection of merchants. We are developing a server whose lore mirrors Robert E. Howard’s lore as closely as possible while expanding to fill in gaps for an overall cohesive lore accessible to all of our players.

You can kit straight to level 60 if the leveling grind is not your thing but beyond that we’ve not made things too easy in order to remain in keeping with server and game lore.

We have established four outposts on the Isle, one reasonably near each of the four spawn points you can choose at character creation. There you will find open crafting stations and a selection of merchants. Each has its own unique story that adds to the setting of our version of the Isle of Siptah.

Server Lore: Heavy RE Howard Lore. If Howard didn’t write it, it probably does not exist in our world. This includes the Yamatai, which is not a Howard lore race. If you have the Yamatai DLC you are welcome to use it but its assets are considered to just be regional variations for Khitai.

For everything REH did write regarding his races and gods and quite a few other things, see:

Because the lore is lamentably brief when it comes to the things REH actually wrote we use the following project to flesh out the lore for our server:

This is an ongoing work using REH as inspiration combined with his method of using real world historical cultures as a basis for his own. While a work of fanon, we stick as closely to the intent and spirit of his work as possible.

We do not use anything from the various RPGs out there nor the comics or pastiches of other authors. As our lore project is a living and evolving creation players are encouraged to share their ideas and if they fit they may be included.

We hope to see you there!

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sounds nice sad its in USA…

I’m interested, but I’ve no idea how to apply to join. I see references to a Discord, but no links. Help?

Oh geez what an awful oversight! See our full ad at

The discord link is there.

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We have EU players and a couple of Aussies as well. Your performance might not be optimal but I’ve played on several EU servers without too much of a problem.

after ocean my ping is ± 400 ;c

Ouch! Much sadness! Well do look around the CE RP website in general as there are quite a few servers to choose from! Here’s hoping one will work out for you!

We will be officially opening Oct. 23rd but our discord is open now so that people may get their character apps in.

We have survived the Modpocalypse of 2020 imposed on us by Funcom’s latest Update and are ready to go full steam ahead! Our modlist is back completely with the exception of IQoL which is undergoing a sure to be awesome overhaul that will be worth the wait! We have friendly players and admins that will be happy to help you out as you dive in. Come check us out!

We are growing steadily and I am continually delighted with the quality of our wonderful roleplayers. Our creative staff keeps things fresh and are helping to create some great stories. Please feel free to come check us out!

Siptah is a challenge with all the changes going on and being in EA but, nevertheless, it remains a beautiful and fun map to play on when you have awesome RPers! Come check us out if you’re interested in a very Howardian experience!