Isle of Siptah | Starmetal - Thralls - Legendary Rep. Kits

To Funcom.


On Official 6454 Isle of Siptah Map, there is absolutely no starmetal in the middle of the Map (at the tower). And its not because someone else took it, there simply aint nothing there.

Is this a bug and will it be fixed? So that the spawnrate will be increased later on : )


Will it somehow be easier, in the future, to optain T3 or T4 thralls from the surges? Because right now, its almost impossible to get any decent worker thralls. And its important to have good gear, but right now its not possible to even make flaw. gear.


Will you later add Legendary Rep. Kits to Siptah? That you will be able to farm it, like in UC on the Exiled Map.




Theresa are many Spots with Starmetal in the middle of the Map.

T4 Thralls

Make the greater Surge at the Layshrines there’s a chance to get t4 thralls. We got t4 carpenter.

Legendary Repkit

Many Bosses on the Isle drop legendary Kits.

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Please add this on singpleplayer server startup:

Trigger meteor shower chance without player walking into an area.

Singpleplayer servers are NOT up 24/7, and I have been playing Conan Exiles on a fairly exclusive basis, and in 776 hours players, I have never, ever, come across any starmetal, or seen a single meteor shower.

This resource just doesn’t exist for me - I cannot acquire it because I am the only person on my server and because the server shuts down the moment I need to go to something in real life, etc. Even if I do manage to get starmetal through other sources, which is very hard, and I craft one of those epic weapons, how am I supposed to repair it?

And starmetal tools? You’ve got to be kidding me. Hardened steel is the only high level resource I am able to use in a consistent way. Meteor showers don’t exist in my game.

I’ve tried to visit the tower myself on Siptah and get the event to begin the “chance” to trigger, but so far, nothing. And when I turn my PC off, it really irks me the way it is setup. Server code is not supporting offline singleplayer because meteor showers don’t happen on their own. It requires players to frequently walk into an area. When there is 1 player on a server that isn’t even up most of the time, it’s impossible to attain this resource.

And when I am playing, I would like to do other things than try to get starmetal to trigger because I am the only person on the server. I still have to farm like everyone else, play like everyone else. I don’t have to roleplay a crowd trampling into the tower like lemmings just to get starmetal to fall.

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