Isle of the Lost, High Fantasy RP ERPvP 18+ (vWnZpdU)

The Isle of Siptah, those that ship wreck end up here from the main land, however now a maelstrom is swirling in the ocean, bring with it ships and portals opening ways to the island. People from other worlds and realms are washing up on shore. In this strange new land.

Washing up, only to find themselves taken care of, by a town called “Scavenger’s Rest” A ramshackle town that has sprung up made of survivors from other worlds and realms.

What is next in store for you? Will you survive this strange new land, or fall prey to its dangers.

We have the professions mod and AoC mod, We have all the professions races and more. Classes and factions and magic in this server. Come be something you have always wanted to RP in a fantasy game!

Discover the island , explore, build, fulfill your wildest fantasy!

  • Multiple races
  • Classes and factions
  • Custom quest
  • Custom thrall camps
  • Custom dungeons
  • Stable economy

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