Issue displaying emotes box (o)

Seems an unusual problem, when i click “o” it puts me into hud interaction mode/mouse mode but the emotes box does not appear on screen.

I have another account that does not have this issue so that seems to rule out any type of popup blocker etc causing the problem

The accounts are run from the same client. ie I play with one, then log out, exit and relaunch game from shortcut, replace character name with other character at login screen and enter game.

Only thing I can think of is that it has some how been thrown off the edge of the screen (laptop 1366x768 res) i have checked that “o” is still the default key for this and clicked default settings on the shortcut allocation page. Also clicked default setting on settings for inventory scaling in case the change i made to reduce size of inventory on screen had affected it.

Any ideas?

Try after /option Emotes_Allowed 1 chat command

yes, that is what makes me think it is enabled and is trying to display or is displaying somewhere that is just not showing on screen.

Hmmm…After moving the emote window to bottom of my screen and changing resolution from 2560 × 1440 to 1366 x 768 i can’t seem to access it either, nor reset its position, which is now outside the screen.

It’s awfully inconvenient but you can edit your preferences directly by going to %localappdata%\Funcom\SWL\Prefs\AccountName folder and opening each CharXXXXXXXX folder and each Prefs_2.xml file inside them.
You will want to search for EmotesWindowConfig and change WindowY and WindowX values to 500 and 500 (or similar).

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i will give that a try, thank you.

Edit: @Starfox you are a superstar. That fixed it. the values in there were 375.000 and 1475.000


When I do this for players, I like to set the x and y position to be 100.000000. This ensures that you will see it no matter what resolution you play with.

Thats a good tip =o

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