Issue in official server 3506

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: official server 3506

Have claimed land currently trying to add items on land that I have claimed by building on top of a foundation wall I built as I have a neighbor who is by himself that came in and is claiming a huge part of the map near me and several other players bases and all of a sudden it’s not allowing me to build on the land claim wall I was forced to build by him encroaching on my base, had no problems before but now it’s not allowing me to build on my own claim.

The person who’s built something beyond a mega base in a online pve server is making it hard for other players in the are and is causing the game to lag due to what hes built and with the amount of land he has taken it has become harder to farm resources in the area as hes building over resource spawn points and builds right up to the land claim like to prevent building ppl that do this in a player vs environment server shouldnt be allowed to do it since the server is supposed to be for fun not making it impossible to play due to a base that can cause the game to crash this needs to be fixed


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