Issue with npc corpses

Firstly I’m not sure if this is a bug, something that has yet to be optimized, an issue on my end or perhaps just the way CE has to work. Any illumination on that front would be appreciated.

What happens is this: Upon killing any humanoid npc that has a lootable inventory the data being sent from my computer to the Internet, I assume to the CE server, will triple from roughly 40 kbps to 120 or so. Killing another will boost it again and at that point max out my upload speed which is usually around 200 kbps with Steam and Discord using a bit of that. This results in some horrific lag, warping, etc to say the least.

The instant the corpses are destroyed or rot or that I run out of update range of them the data rate drops back to normal and the lag clears. I’ve tested this several dozen times across various patches to be sure and it happens every single time. No exceptions ever.

Does not happen with animals btw. Only npcs with lootable inventories.

Obviously I’d like to have a better connection but this is all that’s available here at the moment. I assume this is happening to everyone and that most simply have enough bandwidth that it’s not an issue. If not and it’s something with my system I’d like to find out what.

Fwiw, testing this with various other games nothing else even comes close to maxing the upload bandwidth at any time under any circumstances.

I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled the game three times and ran the verify files check numerous times to no avail. This happens on every single server that I’ve played on. A dozen or so. Does not happen in single player which would seem obvious but mentioning it for completeness sake.

Thanks for any info.

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Just a thought I wanted to add. Since this only happens with humanoid mobs, not with animals or frost giants, it may be somehow related to the ability to gib/dismember said npcs.

This is a known issue.