Issue with Steam Auto-Retry

My clan plays on PC server #1803.

The server is full 90% of the time.

My ping is always listed as being between the 30’s and 70’s for this server.

When I try and join the server through Steam’s auto-retry, when its my turn to join I keep getting an error message saying “your ping is higher than the maximum allowed ping on the server” followed by an infinite “attempting to join game” message where I am required to restart the game. So then I am put at the bottom of the auto-retry queue and have to wait several more hours.

The only time I’m able to actually join is around midnight when the server is no longer full.

What in the actual **** can I do to get Steam’s auto-retry to work without kicking me out of the queue for having an imaginary high ping. Any advise would greatly be appreciated.

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