Issue with Steam Connect Link

Hi guys,
I’m new just setting up a server for my players, seemed to work fine yesterday but now I’m getting an issue with trying to connect to the server.
If you use a steam link to connect it says on the game: Failed to join requested game.
Link is as follows: steam://connect/

If you favourite on the steam server list and connect using that it also fails. BUT if you go in game and click on the favourited server it connects with the same IP and Port. I have disabled the firewall on my server while testing to see if it was something being blocked a port maybe but nothing.

The server is running as a docker instance with the pterodactyl panel.

Could someone help me debug what is going on? I can’t see any connection attempts when this happens in the logs.

  • Thanks!

I believe that this issue could be caused by docker. Can a dev confirm that it uses the IP gathered for the master list? And if so could we change it so I could for example set the IP that the master list / steam uses.

[2018.07.06-15.32.18:853][ 0]LogInit: WinSock: I am 7965e81c-4932-4c04-a8d8-71c9b05ab0f9 (

Problem with using docker is that it will use an internal IP for handling connections, I believe conan is using this internal IP for the server browser master list.

Anyway round this or has anyone had a similar issue?

I have a friend that also uses docker and has no problem with the master list or connecting via steam.
Anyone have any ideas?

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