Issue with tutorial



A surprisingly large number of players never realize the Anima Essence system is there, and just experience the game suddenly getting harder when at 0%. The hud need to better communicate this issue.


I asked around a bit. Basically it’s something that is known and acknowledged but as so many things in the game is on “the list” aka it has been put back by the avaidablity of developing resources.


:woman_facepalming: Shouldn’t something that affects new player experience and could cause a virtual return of a TSW-style ‘difficulty cluff’ be automatically slotted on a separate page that gets stapled to the front of the list?


Should it be fixed? Yes, definitly.
Is it high priority? Well…no. It’s a vocal issue that one spots easy but it is no danger to the system or the general ability of the game to generate revenue. It’s more one of the more vocal quality of life things of which there are many at all corners of the game. Basically priorities are at finishing the new area, any “quick” bugfix or alteration at another system takes time and resources out of the new season and has to be justified. Like “agent system crashes the game” is way above “UI Element has some explain/design issues”. It doesn’t matter that it’s less work, less work doesn’t always mean it’s important and it’s easy to get flooded with small bugs and tweaks. I don’t need to struggle to think of a few things that come to mind.