Issues, bugs, and glitches I’ve encountered

Conan Exiles Server

When I start the game, screen text is cut off and there is no option to adjust game screen to fit properly.
Killed in water near an island but couldn’t interact after I finally found my body in server us server pve.
Same incident. While searching for myself under water, I see several immobile baby turtle creatures that never move and float oddly under the water
. 4.
In us server, in pve
, someone built in my claim zone and now I can’t build more but my stuff is still there plus this person is either building a state or a mega city with how huge an area has their crap on it.
On us pve server, serveral times enemies end up inside rocks and I can walk on top of the rock they are in. It happened near Raiders ridge and Heartblood Rise.
Ran across superman archer in sp game west if the west starter spot. He is the single toughest enemy I faced anywhere in game. He was in the starter region. His 2 buddies were fairly easy but he is impossible to beat. Shouldn’t he be close to a beginner enemy? Not tougher than giant crocks or any enemy between the set trainer and starter areas?
Several times pve us, my builds vanish as I place them and lose all the resources but get no building.This happened South of the south aqueduct.
Often while farming resources, despite touching or hitting it, nothing comes out but will at odd and sometimes small hit windows I find looking around.
Hitting enemies with blunt capture weapons always kills,; never knocks them out, or if I manage to maybe knock them out they vanish. I can’t be sure if I did since he vanished. Does it take 10-15 plus attempts before you can capture someone? And are blunt capture weapons supposed to always kill? It would help if there was at least some kind of conscious indicator that I could measure against health so I’d have an idea if I was hitting them right.
My posts vanished less than a day after putting them up. This may or may not be a bug but it would help to understand how land claims; building placement; and proximity to neighbors and their constructions work. I built some water side constructions near my base but further away than the posts so I’m a little puzzled and a neighbor as noted above built in my space all on a us pve server.

It’s Official Server 3748 PvE in the us.strong text