Issues in game from Halloween update - Important

I have a few important mistakes in the game that probably came from the day the Halloween event was launched. It is likely that these issues already existed, so I apologize if I write something that we know. I would like to point out that the bugs in the game still persist. Thank you for reading!

  1. Elevator texture is often not loaded, it will help to use the push button. That’s it issue with rendering

  2. The player’s character does not get caught when jumping on the object. If the subject is tall, you probably
    fall and die. Often times it happened at the buildings builded from Black-Ice

  3. Stores often do not show what’s inside. The problem is about “boxes”, “Large and Small Furnaces”,
    “Blacksmith”, “Potion Maker” and “Vault”

  4. Issue with Dragon Weapons and Star Metal Pickaxe. The subject does not appear in hotbar. Is possible
    I think that this problem is for several items. I just saw it here

  5. The Imperial East Pack - After trying to climb at a building of this DLC, your character falls through the wall
    of the building. It is possible that this issue exists longer time

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