Issues in single player

So far I have encountered the following issues:
-If certain enemies are not killed just ignored the combat music will keep playing no matter how far you go or if you die. The only fix is to go back and kill the original enemy that you aggroed or exit the game and re enter.

  • Npcs are respawning instantly if you die or if you leave the area. The npc respawn timer doesn’t seem to work at all. I have tested this at both 5 and 10 in the npc respawn settings and it seems to be bugged or completely ignored.
    -Same with the respawn issue, if any thralls are left alive when you die or leave the area they are replaced by new thralls instantly. For example, today at the summoning place I was clearing the area to knockout a darfari witch doctor, I died to her bleed then I respawned and came back to found a completely new thrall instead of her and all the other thralls I killed alive again.
    I know you guys are working hard on bigger issues but please have a look, it may be an easy fix. Thank you all.

Can confirm. Since installing the beta branch onto my live client, I’ve only spent a few minutes in SinglePlayer mode, but this is one of the things I checked during my brief jaunt. It’s not happening on the testlive server, so I was disappointed to hear it still happening in SinglePlayer mode.

I’m an avid Soloplayer, and may be able to shed some light here. I have ~600 hours logged into this game and all but the most recent 5 or 10 hours of that have been in SinglePlayer mode. What you’re describing here has been a consistent and reliable behavior the entire time I’ve been playing. SinglePlayer mode handles things differently than a server. Since the PC/console has to function as both the client and the server, a compromise is made. In order to save on system resources, soloplay doesn’t keep track of the entire world like a dedicated server does. Instead, it keeps track of the immediate area around the player, which I think includes render distance plus a little bit beyond render range. You can even see it happen sometimes by checking the admin command console. If you killed or KO’d an NPC and then re-enter the range of its spawn location, the console will display some message along the lines of ‘NPC has been missing too long, forcing a new spawn’. I’ve learned to always carry a truncheon and bindings with me, because if I have to leave the area to get those items, the NPC that I want will be gone when I return.

So is it a bug? Or is it intended? I think it’s a grey area due to the way SinglePlayer mode functions.
Just my two cents.

It’s not really an issue of not having bindings or a truncheon with me, its more dying on a certain area and then coming back in to find all the npcs respawned. It destroys the immersion and makes it feel like a darksouls game. I get that single player is not the main focus of the devs but it deserves some love for those players that like having their own adventure, another issue I forgot to mention is how the dregs boss is broken at moment. It seems to break more often for me on single player than on a server.

True. The things that are great about SinglePlayer mode are also the things that are bad about SinglePlayer mode.

I ran the dregs dungeon on server yesterday, and he was working as expected on the testlive server. I hadn’t tested him in soloplayer. Good to know he’s still broken.

But it is not long ago (xbox) - and that is what I see as normal behaviour - when I k.o. several npcs and can take only one, I teleport to my base, put it in the Wheel and teleport back.
When I am back, the dead/k.o.ed NPCs has been spawned back. But the dead bodies as well as the k.o.ed ones still are lying around, so that i can take the next one i wanted in the first run. as i am teleporting here, Maybe it is different when you run to your base and come back later. teleporting needs only 1-2 minutes

Yes, I have seen this also in my solo games.

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