Issues Status - PC


This is a first post with current PC issues that we see pop up frequently. If your bug is not on the list, it might just be on our radar but we haven’t seen it pop up as frequently on the forums as the ones listed. We will still work on additional bugs as well. Feel free to inquire if you feel uncertain.

This list might easily give you the impression that bugs are abundant in Conan Exiles. It is important to note that some of these issues are only experienced by a small amount of players. However, that doesn’t make them less frustrating and that is the reason we are listing them here for consistency.

Please also make sure to check out the Suggestion Overview. Some issues you might consider a bug might in reality be related to balancing or mechanics.

We only list the more critical bugs here and won’t list missing audio or graphical glitches. That doesn’t mean we have them noted according to your feedback or won’t be fixing them.


Issue Status
Thralls falling through the floor → reported
Levl 4 NPC weird appearance Issue → Patched :white_check_mark:
Getting stuck in Rhino’s hotboxes → Fixed internally
Relic Hunter Thralls blocked by building → Patched :white_check_mark:
Various named T4 missing recipes → Patched :white_check_mark:
Thrall issues with joining or leaving a clan → Patched :white_check_mark:
Floating Thralls → reported
Thralls not attacking enemies → Patched :white_check_mark:
Certain Thralls start on low HP when logging back in → Fixed on TestLive


Issue Status
Triggering issues and general issues → Several Fixes on TestLive and internally
Spawning inside Base → reported
Auto-completion after a few minutes → reported


Issue Status
Periodically issues with equipping weapons/tools → Patched :white_check_mark:


Issue Status
Light Armor Journey step not triggering → Patched :white_check_mark:
Body vanishing after death → ongoing fixes
Weather effects not displaying properly → Patched :white_check_mark:
Fish Traps and Beehives are empty at restart → Patched :white_check_mark:
Wells are empty of water → Patched :white_check_mark:
Not able to remove map markers with keyboard and mouse → Patched :white_check_mark:
Wrongly getting encumbered message → Patched :white_check_mark:
Crimson Lotus Flower not working in Grinder → Patched :white_check_mark:
Wheel of pain Thralls status reset → Patched :white_check_mark:
Stair corner pieces not snapping properly → Investigating
Missing Bodies → Patched :white_check_mark:
Cannot remove map markers with keyboard/mouse → Patched :white_check_mark:
Insulated Wood Fence has stone texture → Patched :white_check_mark:
Players can’t deal or receive melee damage under tents → Patched :white_check_mark:
Issues placing Wheel of Pain → Under investigation
Star Metal not spawning → Patched :white_check_mark:
Jewel of the West Armor Stat issues → Patched :white_check_mark:
Fence Foundatiosn not snapping to Foundations → Patched :white_check_mark:

Fish Trap no longer populste after initial Harvest
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Can't hit hostile NPC's when they are under a tent
PC - Equip Light Armor Bug
Wells not filling up since server restart 9/7/18
When are you start fixing the game?
Body still disappearing, Journey Steps Not competing Your Game Conan Exiles is broken and very flawed. Please fix it, Have you ever played it? Then no need to do these reports as this stuff is very obvious if you've ever played Conan Exiles?
Floating thralls from decayed bases - question
Fixes after last patch?
TestLive Patch Notes (03.07.2018)
Patch Plans Week 2nd of July
Thrall issues with joining or leaving a clan→ Fixed on TestLive (and now hotfix) --- not in patch?
Issues that Urgently need to be addressed
Thralls still drop through Floor/Ground
Fish Traps (and possibly Beehives)
Offline Purge strikes again
So , no more fixes until the pet system is deployed?
Problems with stairs corner
Collision Mechanics are broken
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PC Bug Report - Server Settings - Crafting Cost Multiplier
Buggy creatures, especially big ones
Thralls not attacking enemies → Investigated, hard to reproduce
Please dont fix purges before Thrall health
AI Enemies will not aggro - Official Server #1531
You cannot target NPC enemies when under a tent or structure

Apologies for not updating this list more frequently. We are currently working on and setting up a better, more efficient way to share our high priority bugs, reported by you and their stati with the community :slight_smile:

High priority bugs
Comeback after 3 Month break. Same bugs as before. when does funcom work? my complaint
Aquilonian stairs missing snapping point
Cant Upgrade T1 Corner Stairs, Awnings
Discussing Weekly Community Newsletter: Quality of Life