Issues with clan exploiting building/claim mechanics server 4517 LATAM

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: LATAM

A clan named OLD_VIKINGS made irregular buildings in several locations in the map blocking roads, spawn points of bosses an thralls and exploited the building/claim system mechanics to block players bases, also a massive building near sinner’s refugee that makes the game lag and crash.

the proof will be attached just bellow

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Log in the server 4517
  2. Look around for the following locations:
  • Sinner’s refugee T4 thrall (Asura’s choseen)
  • construction tower near sinner’s refugee crashing the game
  • spider boss near sinner’s refugee
  • construction barrier near klael stronghold
  • construction near sinner’s refugee
  • construction around G12 and G13 blocking spawn points of the following t4 thralls: Daicas the sharp, Spinas the marauder, Risa the brutal, Erii the ravenger, Kisthis fleshtearer.
  • Cimmerian Berseker around Mounts of the dead.
  • massive fundation buildings around sinkhole blocking players buildings and roads to the spider.

This is very good mate however please report any violations in TOS here:

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Hello @allanlockhart, as NeoFromdMatrix has mentioned, you need to follow our guidelines in order to report players, as we do not allow public posts regarding these matters and, as such, have proceeded to unlist and lock this topic.

To report players you must reach out to us privately, as indicated in our guidelines: