Issues with combat (mostly black galleon)

Just making sure Devs are aware of an issue with combat near the black galleon. Sometimes the NPC’s will stand up and start attacking you, but you won’t be able to damage them until they run a certain distance away from where they were kneeling. it occasionally happens in other areas of the map as well but far less frequently. Almost every NPC on the north side of the ship does this.

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The issue comes from tents. If NPCs are under a tent, you cant hit them. You need to bring them away.

Sort of fixed on xbox, but my real problem is the invisible thralls attacking you pretty much just on the Black Galleon. You eventually see them after a while or after you killed the ghost monster. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Some thralls there knocked out take a while to show up on the screen too, coming back to get another one.

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