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Game mode: [Online Offical 2111
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Region: EU

There is an issue with the map. Since the last update all markers and found locations, aswell as clan member markers have dusapoeared from the map entirely. Even when pkaces are revisited or new markers placed on the map, they also disapear.
Also in the new Dlc Riddles Of Steel. The Fountain of Refreshment…is it supposed to fill with water as do the wells because they remain dry!!!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

The May 1st patch did “remove” all of my personal map markers and the markers others had on their own maps which was a pain. It was not the last patch. I have since been able to make new ones which have stayed. The statues have been refilling for me. You did not specify if you were playing on single player, an official server (number) or an unofficial rented server.

Have you played with another player on the same server and asked them to walk away from a fountain out of render distance for about an hour then back to see if it fills up for them? Also try having them place one themselves, repeat the process of moving away from it and then see if it fills? :slight_smile: Thank you in advance for any details you can provide and sorry if I can’t help you out.

The only suggestion I can offer to try is to go into your game data on your console and delete it. (right menu button, manage game & addons, saved data, select the data for your account). Xbox One currently cloud saves all game data so for your player progress in game it will be saved. When you open a game after deleting the save data from a console, your cloud data is downloaded fresh again. Sometimes this can help if something is corrupted and you are playing with it on console. Think of it as one of those final magic tricks to try.


Apparently the devs have said that the well of refreshment from riddle dlc is intended to be a toggable light source, not a source of water… even though it’s listed under the wells in your feats and the description says you can drink from it.


Nothing to see here… Move along. :joy:

In my excitement I made 10 of them before even testing them out. I was confused and a little let down to find out it was basically pointless… Looks good I guess… :roll_eyes::wink:

Hello, thank you for your submission!

I can confirm that the Fountain of Refreshment is intentionally and exclusively a light source, as @Arsenalcontrol mentioned.

The problem you’re facing with markers for revisited or new areas not working does seem like an issue, could you please share a video of that behavior in action? Does it also occur if you join a different server or start a new single player game?

We’ll pass this one to the developers for further investigation and will be sure to forward any further information that you can provide as well!

The Well of Refreshment, listed under wells in the Feats page, and the descriptions says it’s a place to refill your waterskin…

Edit: Removed the lowkey accusatory tone, it’s not really helping anything. Why assume bad intentions when an honest mistake explains it just as well, after all.

Hey @Mikey

The Well of Refreshment was designed as a light source, but the description of it got somehow botched in the process of designing the DLC (there were previous instances of this and other contents of the pack). It is intended as a purely cosmetic item, as the rest of placeables of this DLC.
We’re aware of this and our team will look into making that description accurate to what this item can and cannot do.

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