Issues with Personal Server


So i have followed many How to’s now and none seem to be able to tell me what I need to change.

So I am using a buddies VM to run my Ark servers and Dark&Light server on. There is plenty of CPU Cores, RAM and SSD space available.

I have tried the “-MULTIHOME x.x.x.x” option in the batch file right after -log and all it does is load all the assets and then continues to unload them after the server has “fully initialized”. So it won’t stay up and running. All the ports are open as well.

My issue is that the IP address for the server, how I access the VM and how the IP Address shows up for my players for Ark and D&L is one thing(starts with 179.6.x.x) and not the regular 192.168.x.x. But every time I start the Conan Exile server and it fully loads, it shows the 192.168.x.x. Now you would think that adding the 192.168.x.x IP could just be added to my server favorites and GTG, but it won’t read that address. So it’s not the “visible” IP address from the server.

Is there another way to change the IP address and have it stick? I’ve tried looking in the Engine, ServerSettings and all the other files but nothing is showing the MULTIHOME command. So I figured I would have to add it of course. Just not sure where.

Any help would be amazing.

Oh and I did try and start a server on my Stream PC at home. Was able to join it by LAN option and in Favorites since I added that IP Address to my Favorites.