Issues with Purge

I had filled up my Purge Meter, and a Purge started Saturday evening.

The Purge was fairly bugged out- I had some NPCs spawn in the Base, but more problematic was the one or more NPCs that spawned in the Undermesh below my Structure.
I could hear them, and my Thralls were aware of their presence, but the NPCs were ‘stuck’ under my Structure.
The Purge eventually came to an end.

I realize issues like this have been reported in the past, I just hope these types of issues are addressed before the new Age of War Purges begin.

Thanks for reading.

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The purges used to work well, then funcom “fixed” them, haven’t worked right since. Of the last 7, I’ve had 2 actually worked right. The rest either spawned in side my keep, or got dropped on top of it.

Fauna walked through all the time, the avalanche purge spawned literally in the middle of my base on the second floor. By the time it was all over my base was leveled and I had lost all my thralls. Took 3 months off.

Agreed, though on a personal note the purges only worked correctly 3 times ever and that is when they actually spawned at all. I am not sure if this is correct or not, but I was told that purges are extremely hard on server function and may be the reason for their infrequence of spawning and their malfunctioning when they do.

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