Issue's with scrolling player list in Admin panel



hello, as i stated in the title i’m having issues with scrolling past 6-7 players in the player list in the admin panel used for banning problematic players on my private ps4 server. I scroll down to the 6 or 7th player and the highlight marker for showing which player you have currently selected keeps scrolling down past the last player i can see in the list… but i cant see who i have selected because the actual player list didn’t scroll with the highlight marker. It’s a big problem because if the problematic player happens to be past the 6 or 7th player i cant ban them due to not actually being able to select them or know who i actually have selected i should say. i hope i clearly explained the problem, i have looked up the issue online and couldn’t find anything and have hit every button possible to try and scroll further in the list but nothing works lol


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