Issues with server

i am hosting a rental server and so many issues going on. first the enemies are invisable. i tried repairs but not working, second servers are extremely laggy for some reason. game is barely playable.


I do not have any experience with a Private Server, perhaps @sestus2009 could offer some advice.

That said, there are currently some rendering issues with textures in the game; some things being completely or partially invisible.
This usually crops up in one form or another after a big update. This usually gets worked out as patches are released.

Good Luck.

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@AkatokuChaos I have not played on our private server’s much lately. I am aware of invisible creatures on Exiles and Siptah server’s also happening on official servers. The last time my wife and I went to check out the Savanah it was like one of us could see Elephant’s and not the other since our TV’S are next to each other very strange. Not having a lagging issue. Last week our Siptah server didn’t automatically update funding since no one else was playing on it decided to let it go for now decay didn’t work anymore so saves me cleaning it up that is a Gportal issue. If you have some questions send me a message. Is your server massively overbuilt in areas? Our Exiles server has alot of big bases doesn’t seem to have a problem 460 hours decay players asked for more time it is 20 slots been up since shortly after game started. Happy to help with anything I can. @

Looking like we need to spend more time on our server. Official keeps us from cheating however Looking forward to trying out some of the new goodies. @Rollotomozi

our server is a private server and we just started it out. nothing should have caused the issue. @sestus2009

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Do you have the server reset at least once a day? @AkatokuChaos that does help with problems. Invisible creatures and NPC are something Funcom is aware of and working on.

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