It is legal to block ore spawns?oficial server #1137 Pvp

Some guy of The Vikings clan blocked part of the spawns of the brimstone ores and i wanna know if that is OK, if not i expect a punishment or something, if yes then you can fully block a spawn and get all the resources only for you?
Thanks you!

Legit in pvp. Blow them up.

its legal to do 99% of everything. however if enough people send in a private message to the mods with server info and who (Not publicly complain on the forums) they usually do something about it.

PvE - Message a MOD
PvP - have the whole server attack them…

Basically, the only things you’re NOT allowed to block are
a) the starting area
b) the “main quest” related areas, ie. the dungeons and locations where Keystone artifacts are found.

Everything else is fair game.

If it’s a PvP server, you have all the tools you need to remove the blocking base. Maybe test drive the new, improved trebuchet?

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