Item blocked by building, what to do?

Hello! I’m playing on an official PVE-C server and I’m trying to collect all weapons and oddities in the game.
Sadly a player built over the Goat that drops the Goat -Horn bow, I spoke to him and he knows that he is blocking the spawn of this goat.
It’s kind of upsetting because it’s no other way to get the Goat-Horn bow and I really want it, I don’t wanna change my server or go private just because someon blocked the spawn of it.
What should I do?

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You can try reporting him, using the procedure described in the official rules. What he did falls under “blocking of content in the game”.

However, I wouldn’t expect much. The staff have a large volume of reports to go through and it will probably be weeks before they get around to your report. And when they do, they won’t let you know whether they decided to take any action. :man_shrugging:

Good luck :+1:


@Thellaphosa since you are playing on PVE-C gather some other players on the server interested in the bow and start blowing holes in his build may be he open up the spawning area.

If i remember, the goat was added after release as well. which means they could have built in the crevice (a meta spot ) and so now it becomes a question of spawn blocking vs grand-fathered build.


There’s no base destruction on PVE-C servers, only PVP.


@CodeMage I have a PVE-C server building damage is a option during raid hours Not that we use it. Thought Official server’s were the same. My Bad.

I would suggest to change the spawn spot of this goat as the place is very nice for building and it sucks to ignore it only for this goat which could spawn as a rare creature everywhere in the north…

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If someone’s base got removed over this, that would be insulting. It’s a joke “boss”, a joke weapon, and even re-uses an existing weapon model (Dragonbone Bow) so there’s not even anything unique looking about it.

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If it’s a grandfathered build, then yeah. I can understand how that happens – it even happened to me once :smiley:

But if someone knowingly built a base on top of a boss, even a joke boss, then that’s not cool.

But it is important to some with OCD collectors mentality and have a goal to have every weapon. It is the one area where CE has a true challenge tbh because of RNG and loot drops being so random. Again, do i feel it is important, no. But to this person they do. I could say that about obs. They are not necessarily needed to travel the map, but blocking them seems to be a no-no. You can easily travel the map on foot. What is the difference really?

Well, in the absence of any screenshot showing exactly what sort of build we’re talking about, or hearing the other player’s side of the story, there’s no way to know if it’s someone’s base or just some spiteful spam.

While the goat’s spawn point isn’t immediately over one of the most highly sought-after build spots in the game (The Crevice), it’s so close as to be less than ideal. If it is an older build (I believe the goat was added later, much like the beverage vendors in the volcano), then that’s certainly a much different case than knowingly blocking an obelisk or dungeon.

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