Item: Conqueror Heavy Helmet

Does anyone know where the following item is from?

Name: Conqueror Heavy Helmet

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those items have been “removed” from the game arround 10 years ago.

A piece of history. Very nice to see this

Is this a screenshot that you took recently?!
If so, this is really amazing, kind of like a picture of an ancient relic.

Does anyone have screenshots or other pictures of the full sets from back then? I don’t quiet remember how they looked like completely.

Yeah, I took this yesterday just after the servers came online, a conqueror in black steel had this item as vanity :slight_smile:

Wow that’s really amazing, I thought those items would have been removed or changed into something else thst we currently have.

I really wonder if there are more of these items around, probably on some old characters that haven’t logged in in years thst still have full sets… so much a ancient treasure :smile:

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