[Item] Ingredient Hunt for De-Wei does not turn in correctly Version: Conan_v5.01.0@596667_ConanLiveWin32_2019 Revision: 596667

Dim: 1 Server: 27
Pos: 920.1, 909.2, y 303.6 6100
Zone: 0
Server: gs014-nj4.ageofconan. com :7016 (id:22 global:27)
UTC: Tue Aug 13 23:41:24 2019

Pf Proxy: Model=[Identity 51100:6100] GroupSelector=0 Subgroup=0 RunningPlayfield=[Identity 40016:18548226]
Version: Conan_v5.01.0@596667_ConanLiveWin32_2019
Revision: 596667

The Ingredient Hunt quest for De-Wei of the Scarlet Circle quest has a turn in bug where the quest items (Empress Weed, Moonlight Root, and Salive of Magically Tainted Animals) are used, but the quest itself does not update. This has happened four times, same thing each time.

1.Go to Pin-Pin in Northern Grasslands in Khitai
2.Join Scarlet Circle
3. Be Rank 1 with Scarlet Circle
4. Speak to De-Wei
5.Get Quest: Ingredient Hunt (gather Moonlight Root, Empress Weed, Saliva of Magically Tainted Animals)
6. Do Quest/Gather Ingredients
7. Return to De-Wei in Pin-Pin
8.(if reproduced) Items disappear from Quest Inventory, Quest does NOT update.

UPDATE: I have managed to reproduce the bug a couple of times and also work around it. If you have any other quests to turn in for De-Wei, make sure you turn in Ingredient Hunt FIRST, otherwise the other quests will take the Sack of Ingredients and make Ingredient Hunt uncompleteable.

Have to turn in the quest Ingredient Hunt first or it drops the quest items necessary to complete.

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