Item shop broken for my characters on crom, not saga

So when I try and get daily rewards on my characters on Crom, the screen is blank. When I try and go into the item shop, it requires me to put in my login name and password. But if I leave the shop and go back in, I have to reinput the information. And if I leave the shop the daily rewards screen is still blank

The Saga of blood character does not have the above issues

Not sure if it all started when Saga started

And right now its all back to normal. Sigh.

And…now its broken again

oh, and when its broken…/petition does not work either

plus when I exit the game to the character screen, if it is bugged then it always gives me the red ‘cannot authenicate’ message

Sorry to hear of the trouble Anubium. This sounds like the result of connectivity issues. Please open a tech support ticket at if you haven’t done so already and we’ll be happy to help troubleshoot the matter.

I have three accounts and its only one account, only on Crom and hit or miss. I sent in an email but they wanted me to remove any UI (a friend did it for me) then do some program log report. The same UI is on every one of the accounts and only one account and one server has issues.

Has anyone else had this issue is mostly what I was asking?

I’m afraid I am not familiar with this issue, but I’ll be happy to take a look at your ticket. Can you give me the ticket reference ID please?

Sent pm thank you