Items Disappearing or Losing Stability Unexpectedly since

so where is the solution since you open this topic after the players complaint like me and others??? i lost my all treasures and T4 crafter thralls and materials and their working benches also are you gonna give back those losts to the players ???
there will be another topic next time but there is no questions in it and will see what im gonna write in here!..

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They already told us what caused it and apologized. The booster event happening right now is Funcom’s form of recompense, they will never “give back” your (or anyone’s) stuff. Since you apparently missed that post, feel free to read it now. There is no fix, because the change they made is what caused the stability loss.

yea i really missed cuz i waited to there will be response under their topic… whatever but thank you for heads up :wink:

so like everytime they dont give a shit what happent and who affect cuz their fault!..

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