Items in game named after players and orgs

I’m trying to compile a list of items named after players and orgs. Please feel free to list away! Thanks!

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Happy Cloak of the Vox Populi

Not something you can find, but our org got several BPs with this shirt :slight_smile: So it exist ingame

Docaholic’s Ring - named after Doctorval/Docaholic.

Docaholic interview @ AOU

Docaholics thread about new icons on old AO forums Named for the guild 3305-Local Named for clan guild Storm

Thank you and welcome to the forums!

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Faliko’s Dress, named after the player Falikos.

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Also a few more

OT Kerans Automatic Grinner
Mastablasta’s Cataclysm
XtremTech’s ring of casting
Sheffy’s Micro Coil
Engelen’s Ring of Damage
CAS armor
Ancarim Sun Tan Lotion
Storm Carb
Metaing’s Mind Quake
Touch of Marius
Marius DOll
Granite Table of Marius
This Means Bar
This Means Cabinet 1
This Means Chair
This Means Corner Couch
This Means Couch
This Means Endtable
This Means Expensive Couch
This Means Table
Means test pet
Division 9 Plasma Projector
Blackmane’s Belt Component Platform
Yakomo’s Combined Scout’s Headwear
Blackmane’s Combined Officer’s Headwear
Sillum’s Combined Mercenary’s Headwear
Gannondorf’s Combined Commando’s Headwear
Haitte’s Combined Sharpshooter’s Headwear
Odum’s Combined Paramedic’s Headwear

Aqua Tank Top of Alpha Omega
Back Tattoo of KAZE
Back Tattoo of the Opposing Force
Bellhop Jacket of the Northern Shadowrunners
Belly Dancer Top of the Forsaken
Biker Jacket of the Devil’s Advocate
Blue Pajamas Jacket of Shadow Ops
Bomber Jacket of R.U.R.
Bunny Body of Gridstream Productions
Camouflage Jacket of 3305 Local
Champion Body of the Band of Brothers
Chest Tattoo of the Illuminati
Cheyenne Leather Jacket of the Rising Phoenix
Clerk Shirt of Omni-Tek Wolf Pack
Clown Vest of The League of Fabulous Ninjas
Cowboy Jacket of Synergy Factor
Dungaree Body of Cupid’s Arrow
Entertainer Top of Tiger Claw
Executive Shirt of Omni-Trans
Firefighter Jacket of Circle G
Flapper Blouse of The Honored Maidens
Flight Attendant Jacket of the Nordic Alliance
French Maid Blouse of Xtronica Entertainment
Green Tank Top of the Souls of Rubi-Ka
Gunman Shirt of Valor Eternal
Heroic Body of Project EDEN
Mummy Body Wraps of Mercury Dragons
Office Worker’s Discreet Shirt of the Obsidian Order
Pirate Vest of Cerberus
Queen Blouse of Krystanova
Raider’s Jacket of Twilight Night
Ski Suit Jacket of Huge Inc.
Slick Jacket of The Mockers
String Vest of Auno
Striped Pajamas Shirt of the First Order
Tank top of Legion
Tank top of the Enlivenment of Nyaya
Tank top of the Reborn
Trapeze Artist Top of Elite Operations
Yellow Tank Top of Sirillion


The Stalking Cloak of Conflicted Singularity was named after the Clan org Conflicted Singularity.

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Rusty Ring of Bolts was made after Rustybolts, a Coven of Hunters Engineer.

Also Silk Kimono of the Coven of Hunters