Items missing on log in

Hello, I emailed Exploit Hunters yesterday about this issue. When I logged in, my character’s equipment and all items had decayed. I checked the server logs again and have a screenshot which shows the times and that this occurred just before “Server started”. It will not allow me to upload an image as a new user, but can email it. Official server #1522. The time shows 2019.03.19-06.49.28. Hope this helps! Let me know if my two sets of gear can be restored or not. Thanks guys!


Please only report exploits - exploitable bugs/glitches etc. - to Exploit Hunters.

Be sure to report in the right place (here, in this case) - they’re linked here:

could you upload the screenshot(s) to eg. imgur or discord and give the part of the link after the .com/ or similair, I’ll be able to post it here.

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