Items stacking standards

I was wondering today how could items stacking work on my server so that it could not be irrational with stacking one type of things and annoying with other one (at the same time) and this is when something sparked in my mind. So i wanna say that this idea is about balancing weight on thralls, chests and player’s inventory.

What if the maximum number of things stacked was based on their total weight ? Like you could stack way more yellow lotus than stone or iron bars. Why i believe this to be good idea?? For more balance beetween weight and “interface volume”: Especially when it comes to comparison of thralls and chests to player. You could stack waay more light-weight items in your inventory in the way that is comfortable for you, and weight of items for thralls and chests would become a real thing at last (at least in an artifical way :wink: if i can call it like that). For example: EVERYTHING would be stacked up to weight of 50 and to limit of 500 units (i think that we should not ignore the volume totally).

Some people can say that this would be a nerf for the thralls, but the stone and iron ore are not the only things that you let your thralls carry, and on the other hand i think that it would be a huge upgrade for experiencing equipment menagement in general

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