Iterative Patches Are The Way

The way that you’ve been making iterative patches to the branch on testlive before deploying to production for the 2.2 update is EXACTLY the way it’s supposed to be done. Keep up the good work and please please please continue to manage your code deployment process this way.


I Agree 100% this feels more right with the way testlive was meant to work


Let me guess you are both PvE players?
All PvP servers are unplayable and they need EMERGENCY fix for exploits.

But yeah i agree they should not push TESTLIVE patch immediatelly but they COULD PUSH 1-2 simple fixes to LIVE just to fix GAMEBREAKING exploits / crash servers all day by cheates.

exploit fixes should go to live as soon as possible i agree because those are a bit of a game killer, but gameplay and other fixes should stay on testlive longer than they have previously


100% agree!

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