It's a complete joke

We are overrun with cheaters. I got banned a month ago for 7 days for blocking content which is complete bs but we have cheaters running rampant on a daily basis and nothing is done. Everyone playing legit is scared to do anything for fear of being banned and these guys run around carefree.

We have anywhere up to 10 cheaters on at a time teleporting into bases and bombing stuff and even looting from chests and vaults without it showing in log. The last 2 days I’ve logged off with stuff in vault ready to go next day and when i get on all my important bits in the vault have gone and it’s not just me it’s happening to, tbh it’s only just started happening to me too.

I see no point in playing because there is absolutely no way to report it, not that reporting to an automated service does any good anyway, and it’s pointless farming for stuff just to have others take it by cheating.

In the last couple months I’ve seen at least 7 or 8 people that I know have battlepass quit so I can only assume they are making more money from the cheaters that do actualy get banned and re-buy the game so there is no insentive to stop them.

It was fun for a while i guess…


Sometimes they buy alts from Funcom but not always. The method they use through Steam, mostly, isn’t giving Funcom any revenue though.

add to the list people killing thrall with the spawnned character exploit.

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Can you maybe move to another server? Avoid the problem?

If you yourself were suspended, and other legit players fear being banned, then obviously the reporting system yields some results.

So maybe reporting those cheaters would have some results eventually, too.

If battleeye doesn´t catch a cheat its very hard to track down for an admin. Because unless he gets videoproof or other hard evidence or sees it in person happening its all just hear and say.

Also lets not forget that people love to scream cheater in video games. I have no game that is pvp where we don´t get reported ourselfs or see people report others for alledged cheating. My other half played second div in E-sports. His reflexes and aim are better then most. In his active time they got 6 to 8 hours training a day. And this didn´t include the actuall gaming sessions.

I won´t say people don´t cheat since we all know that some do. But a lot in pvp often boiles down to that people do not have the knowlegde about raiding or pvp or are that others are simply better and they can not have that. I have seen so many bases in the last couple of years in conan pvp where people made basic mistakes in building. Starting with building windows or having gaps. There is mesh where people can glitch into. And if you build wrong people can sneak in. People always expect others to go through doors but often there are easier ways to get into a base. Especially now with batfly and icebrigde.

There are a couple of videos on youtube where you can see the use of past cheats. Like the giant statues or instant kill cheats. But they are old. Most videos you find are glitches. But glitches are no cheats, its abuse. Would cheating in conan be so extrem as people always claim there where more evidence around.

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Yeah, well, based on what I hear, BattlEye doesn’t seem to be doing its job very well. Not just in Conan Exiles, but other online game systems too. I wouldn’t know, I don’t play games with other people, so never felt the need to install it. But recording video is an option for players who encounter cheating.

This is true. People, especially PvP players, tend to overestimate their own abilities and underestimate others. (Hey, I did that too once, a long, long time ago.) If they get defeated by someone who uses unexpected tactics, that must be a cheating noob because no honest player could do that.

It’s mostly an ego thing. People have a hard time admitting to themselves that they’re actually pretty mediocre players. “That’s cheating!” is just their reaction to a situation where they should say “I didn’t see that coming, well played.”


Cheats are a never ending story. No matter the game. BattleEye is not that bad but it has the same flaw as every other Detecting Software. You need to feed it with data first in order to work properly. What the system doesn´t know doesn´t get detected.

Detecting systems like BattleEye will profit from smart KI engines. Because KI´s can not only search the web for new data. They will also recognize cheats that have recently changed code more easily.

At the end of the day it will always be a battle. Because hackers and cheaters will not give up.

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There was as example some months ago about how flawed the system is. Not sure if you recall.

Player 1 was reported by Player 2 and actioned on for “cheating” with provided video evidence.

Player 1 also recorded the same interaction and provided both videos to show the community what happened. They’d put in a ticket for ban appeal.

Player 2 refused to believe it wasn’t cheating. So did Funcom, apparently, the appeal was denied.

It was LAG. On an official server. The gportal servers.

It was clear to me since I have experience with stuff like this. You can forgive Player 2, it is just ignorance.

But Funcom? C’mon.


Funcom is the peak of ignorance unfortunately :slight_smile:


I remember im the early days of funcom and conan exiles while this didnt happen on official server but happen on one of my playthru on my single player game i lag so bad in one spot i fell down through the map and it forgot to do a whoop your suppose to be on land … nope i was in water swimming around

when there’s a sale it’s easy for them to buy many extra accounts. That’s why they blatantly don’t care.

It’s very difficult to find a private server that is the same settings as officials. As far as moving officials, yes you can move but you will just be on a dead server. The exploiters will migrate between any remotely populated servers.

What self-respecting cheater would buy full price or discounted?

Funcom is not making money off of cheaters

You can buy keys from resellers which means Funcom already got their money.

The other method is not making Funcom money.

I used to think Funcom made money and that’s why they were not fixing exploits and addressing cheats.

But no, it is incompetence.

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