It's all about the Name


I didn’t play TSW. Why? The name. That’s it. The impression I got from the name alone put me off so much that I didn’t even bother investigating anything at all about the actual game. I imagined it as a spin-off from “The Secret Garden” – a little kiddie game about faeries, small cuddly animals, and talking flowers.

I held fast to that impression for years – until a couple months ago a friend mentioned that she thought I’d like SWL. Thought y’all might find my misapprehension amusing. She sure did. ><


Ak’abs just want hugs!


Well, the Shadowy Forest kind of feels like a twisted fairy tale landscape.
Not for kids, though. We’re talking old school terrifying fairy tales.


If flowers would start talking I would piss my pants in horror…I already learned that small children are scary as hell…


You could have probably watched any video or seen any picture of the game to get a vastly different first impression. Never judge a book by its cover I suppose!

Everything is true though… so I suppose you weren’t necessarily wrong…