It's already over


so its not exploits its multiboxing thats causing the issue… its almost as if multiboxing gives an unfair advantage and breaks the game lol. haven’t we been saying this for years but FC never listens.


I fail to see any problems with multi-boxing except for exclusive non-instanced content. Multi-boxing for Funcom means just more paid accounts, so its not a problem.

I use 2 accounts but I dont see how I interfere with other peoples game experience.

Also some really good multi-boxers are able to do instanced bosses for selling loot rights. A boon for most players who are not connected or have a good org to do a raid. Buy loot-rights. Whats the problem as long as there are more instances for other players?

Not a discussion I like to dive into as its not really proper in this thread. But since others brought this up, I comment my thoughts on it.