It's been a while

I used to play Anarchy Online a lot from around 2006 until 2015. Then life took over and didn’t have the time or the money to support my two paid accounts and I stopped playing.

But AO keeps pulling me back every time I take a break and this time it did as well, even if it is my longest break by far, next biggest one was for 6 months.

Before I create a froob account and download the client I wanted to ask what the current state of the game is population wise. I’m on GMT+2 evenings and I do understand that the froob community will probably be non existent compared to the paid one. Maybe in a few months I’ll switch to paid but I don’t want to commit to it yet.

I’m especially interested in the Role playing community since I had the best memories in AO while RPing.

In case anyone remembers any of my chars, I used to have Aloyce/Cosmicfreak/Atheran and a couple dozen more that I didn’t play much. Last time I was around I was playing a 220 clan shade in Infinity that I can’t remember her name for the life of me. Even if I come back, these chars probably won’t since I don’t even know where to begin trying to remember my old account details so I’ll be starting fresh, without a huge bank to support me from previous chars, something I always wanted to try but never had the guts to.

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Welcome Back!

I see a lot of rp’ers on the weekends-- there’s almost always a group outside of the NLC shops.

Player pop-- in my opinion (based on a few thousand hours in other mmo’s) AO’s pop hovers 'tween 1k & 2k. We’ve been having an uptick lately which usually only happens during holiday events.

We are on Steam now, not that it’s done a whole lot of good in increasing interest-- the Steam overlay is barely functional.

AO now has a Discord channel --announced in the Launcher only a couple weeks ago.

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Thanks for the reply. Worst I’ve seen on population was around '11-'13. It was already better around '15. Hope it stayed that way.

Let’s see how I survive the multi billion per item economy as a froob starting from zero huh? (spoiler alert. I’ll be multiple levels above my equipment/imps for a very very long time).

Welcome back :blush:

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I came back in 2017 with no money to my name.

I just bought a bunch of backpacks and looted everything I found and sold it. The loot from foremans sells for a decent amount!

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My plan was to roll nanos on rk missions. That was a good source of income for me last time I played even with 4 endgame chars. But it will take time until I can do that now. It’s mostly the sub 100 levels that I’m mostly worried about, tho I guess daily rewards and shopfood loot is the way to go until then.

Now I just gotta decide on a Prof to roll. Any ideas? Are there any serious changes since 2013 for froobs? If not I’ll probably go with MP since froob fixer with no GA used to be a pain and doctor (by far my favourite) is way too slow to solo.

Before you hit lvl 60 - remember the red wine quest in totw. 25k per bottle is worth some running back and forth a few times :wink:

Edit: fixer (even without GA) is my favorit prof :slight_smile:

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As a froob? It’s actually worthwhile compared to MP or advy? On my old paid accounts fixer/trader are the two professions I played the least. Up to lvl 100 or so with five and 60ish with trader.

But I lack the brain capacity to play a trader so…

Since your plan is to roll nanos, Fixer is the way to go…gsf, hnq, FGRID. and stay neut…less hassle when mission is inside Clan/Omni cities.

I also recommend the Neutrino Flash for your weapon after the “Illegal Ofab” smg until the gev from foreman’s and/or the “Dog of War” pistols from the Reck.

@Literary The neutrino flash is an assault rifle. Are you recommending to switch from Illegal ofab (smg) to assault rifle and then back to Gamma Ejector (smg)? That doesn’t seem right to me.

I’d pick an OT Kerans, Mausser Chemical or one of the shopbuyable SMG’s instead on a fixer.

More on topic: I wouldn’t recommend picking a profession for the sake of some marginal advantage in making money. You have 9 years of experience; just pick something that seems fun to you, you’ll make it work :slight_smile:
From the levels 1-100, your main expenses are going to be shopbuyable implants and nano’s, which were not affected by inflation. The newbie armour from Arete is not great but it’s perfectly adequate if you’re on a budget.

If you want to solo then I’d say go with MP.

Yes I’m recommending the Flash. There’s nothing comparable in a ranged weapon at that level. I imagine a twinking master could get it on before level 20. I’m anything but and I’ll get it on around 23 with premades and a custom or 2.

(drat, gotta go to work, no more time to continue this :frowning: back in a few hours)

I would actually recommend rolling a Crat.

You can pretty much focus on 100% nanoskills all the way up to level 100, then get Dogs of War when your IP frees up in TL4-5. You’ll be able to self lvl200 bot to solo most content, and charm your way out of the low levels.

You will get access to solid perklines and XP, plus you’ll be wanted in every group. Playing crat is playing the game on Easy, and once you get to 200 you’ll have a source of income to bankroll other toons with better gear.

Yes, froob. Runspeed, hot and FGRID are much more useful than they seem. Especially for your own alts.

Edit: armor - newcomer, guns - illegal ofab, chemical streamer (it can be easily crafted), blackbird (at lvl ~70-80).

Hello AO players,

I just returned after being away for 9 years and i was wondering where everyone usually gathers, i do not remeber the in game terms so please be specific

A lot of us gather on Discord, check that out :wink:

Not sure about Omnis these days, but Clans stay around OA, and ICC is usually populated (though laggier)

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Welcome Back!

Omni hangs out in Bor near the Bor Grid & ICC mostly. I still see some activity at the Rome Blue basic shop when I pass through there.

Typical… first they build dark, ugly cities to hang out in and then they occupy a peaceful, neutral city because their own cities are too damn ugly. And by the example of Old Athen we can see, the only thing needed to make these Omni dirt holes pretty and worth living in is the touch of a Clan city planner. /rp off

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Old Athen is kind of like Maya cities in southern Mexico. Once home to a great civilisation, and now in utter shambles and overgrown with vegetation :wink:

But the shops are within spitting distance :wink:

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