It's been a while


Yeah Omni-Tek put them in a good location in Omni-2 :blush:


Old Athens was built by … Oh wait!

edit: I should pay attention to what people type!

@kerrigan I didn’t know that!


So was Borealis, as a mining town after the construction of the now destroyed satellite revealed a notum mine below the mountains. Looks completely different!


Yeah, try spitting on any Omni Superior shop from grid…


I enjoy where this conversation is going.

But back on topic, I rolled a fixer and I really enjoy it so far. Game is in a lot better state population wise than when I left. I’m pleasantly surprised so far and I’m trying to bring some old friends back as well.


A friend had a L200 GA IV froob fixer wielding blackbirds and I’m certain he out damaged my froob trader using a L237 turnspirit shotgun. Then again, my trader is addalldef and spends a fair amount of time interrupting ranged attacks while executing nano’s.

My 199 crat can out damage a L200 GA IV fixer in L215ish RK missions due to 2x charms, pet + nukes and speech aura, but that’s a niche perspective.