It's been a while

Yeah Omni-Tek put them in a good location in Omni-2 :blush:

Old Athens was built by … Oh wait!

edit: I should pay attention to what people type!

@kerrigan I didn’t know that!

So was Borealis, as a mining town after the construction of the now destroyed satellite revealed a notum mine below the mountains. Looks completely different!

Yeah, try spitting on any Omni Superior shop from grid…

I enjoy where this conversation is going.

But back on topic, I rolled a fixer and I really enjoy it so far. Game is in a lot better state population wise than when I left. I’m pleasantly surprised so far and I’m trying to bring some old friends back as well.


A friend had a L200 GA IV froob fixer wielding blackbirds and I’m certain he out damaged my froob trader using a L237 turnspirit shotgun. Then again, my trader is addalldef and spends a fair amount of time interrupting ranged attacks while executing nano’s.

My 199 crat can out damage a L200 GA IV fixer in L215ish RK missions due to 2x charms, pet + nukes and speech aura, but that’s a niche perspective.

I’m kind of disappointed of GA IV in it’s current state. My Fix still gets hit from mobs his lvl (180) quite too often. Especially melee mobs. But at least it’s kind of cheap now to buy (~1B creds)

Apart from that, Fixer is my preferred froob, log him every day, he blitzed every nano for my paid chars and he even tanks the IS daily for them, when Arbiter is up.

Really? Even with maxed evades and setting your bar to full DEF?

yes, and with AAD in implants as well :slight_smile:
(considering that “too often” is like 1 hit in 20-30 attempts)

Same setup, maxed evades, full def, only Ljotur gear missing, a melee mob my level lands 1 of every 5 hits. I remember GA being stronger years ago.

Did you implant evades as well? This doesn’t match my experience at all.

Didn’t they reduce GA AAD values when they aligned fixer AAD perk line with other profs?(careful in battle was it?)

Would hit froobs worst because they didn’t get it back in perks.

Grid Armour IV has now 2000 AAD instead of 2100, so it’s indeed lower. However I have a lvl 200 GA4 fixer myself and my experience is similar to Keune’s (like 1 hit in 20-30 attempts on yellow mobs). So I suspect there must be some other difference in equipment/aggdef setting/IP config or else I can’t explain a hit rate of 1 in 5.