It's me or another bug?

After 3.0 almost always when I replace a foundation or a ceiling another piece automatically dissapears. It has nothing to do with stability or something like cos the ‘vanished’ piece has no relation with the piece just replaced.

I replaced a ceiling on the 2nd floor and I realized a random foundation on 1st floor had vanished.
Now I have some ‘holes’ under a religion altar which I cant fill with new foundations again because to do that I should move the altar and as all we know the altars cannot be moved like other objects (I still dont understand why.)

Another annoying case, today while I was placing a portal on a 5x5 foundation, after click, the portal and another foundation both dissapeared with no reason, the most funny thing is most part of the resources needed to build and place such portal again dissapeared as well.

But no, this is not funny, its all the same since 2018, bugs, bugs, bugs, more bugs and performance issues. Nothing changes in this company.

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